Organizational Chart

  • John Salsman, Director
    • Scott Pennington, Associate Director, Radiation Safety Officer
      • James Bowman, Administrative Associate
      • Carin Peterson, Training and Outreach Coordinator, Animal Make Safe Program Manager
      • Wolfgang Bollich, Sr. Laser Safety and IT Specialist,
      • Helene Richards, PMCS Technical Review Team, EHS Program Coordinator
      • Chris Walters, Radiation Safety Manager
        • Ryan Green, Radiation Safety Specialist
        • Eira De Los Reyes, Radiation Safety Specialist
      • DeWayne Holcomb, Laser Safety Manager
    • Nena Anderson, Assistant Director, Environmental Programs
      • Tejashri Kyle, Environmental Programs Manager
        • Brent McGlothin, Environmental Specialist
        • Vacant, Environmental Specialist
      • John Oldag, Hazardous Materials Specialist
        • Joseph Bussey, Hazardous Materials Specialist
        • Juan Rodriguez, Hazardous Materials Specialist
        • Todd Noble, Hazardous Materials Specialist
        • Anthony Garza, Hazardous Materials Specialist
    • Vacant, Assistant Director, Biological and Lab Safety
      • Rachel LeBansky, Laboratory Safety Manager
        • Naween Dahal, Sr. Laboratory Safety Specialist
        • Laura Bollich, Sr. Laboratory Safety Specialist
        • Matt McKinney, Laboratory Safety Specialist
        • Rudy Guerrero, Laboratory Safety Specialist
        • Eric Wilson, Laboratory Safety Specialist
        • Corina Hernandez, Laboratory Safety Technician
        • Justin Pepper, Food Safety Specialist
    • Andrea McNair, Assistant Director, Campus and Occupational Safety
      • James Wichman, Asbestos Program Manager
      • Charles Jamison, Sr. Industrial Hygienist
      • Daniel Stine, Sr. Occupational Safety Specialist
      • Anthony Estillore, Occupational Safety Specialist
      • Chris Ludwig, Occupational Safety Technician
      • Vacant, Occupational Safety Specialist

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