Workplace Chemical Hazards

Chemical Hazards

The Texas Hazard Communication Act (THCA) was enacted in 1986 and revised in 1993. The THCA requires The University of Texas at Austin to develop a written program which describes how the University will comply with the Act as it applies to employees with a potential for workplace exposure to hazardous chemicals. The written program includes a background of the regulation, workplace chemical list instructions, information about material safety data sheets(MSDS), labelling chemical containers, employee training, reporting fatalities and injuries, and rights of employees. Everyone with a potential for workplace exposure to hazardous chemicals should read the Hazard Communication Program (PDF).

Respiratory Protection

University workplaces should be made free of contaminated air by utilizing engineering controls wherever feasible. When contaminants cannot be successfully controlled, Departments must contact EHS to particpate in the The University's Respiratory Protection Program. As an additional aid to Departments, they should consult the OSHA Respiratory Protection Advisor for assistance in respirator selection and maintenance schedules.

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