Discharge Request

The discharge request link serves both the wastewater and stormwater discharges, discussed below.

The University of Texas at Austin Main Campus and the J.J. Pickle Research Campus are classified by the City of Austin as a Significant Industrial User (SIU) of industrial wastewater. As a result, both campuses are required by Austin Water Utility Special Services Division (SSD) to operate under Wastewater Discharge Permits based on the City of Austin Wastewater Code Chapter 15-10. These Wastewater Discharge Permits have requirements that are unlike other industrial and/or commercial facilities that do not generate the high volume of wastewater that the UT campuses do.

The University of Texas at Austin is also classified as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). In order to meet compliance with the terms of the University’s permit, illicit discharges to the storm sewer system are prohibited.

Any entity wishing to discharge to the storm sewer system from the University must complete a discharge request. EHS staff will review the request and work with the requestor to sample or analyze potential discharge water prior to approving the request.

Completing the discharge request form below will communicate the nature of the discharge as well as other information necessary for EHS staff to determine what will be necessary to ensure compliance with the UT permits.

  • Requests should be submitted more than seven business days before the proposed discharge(s) to allow for ample time for sampling, laboratory analysis, and approval from the City of Austin SSD.
  • If the discharge request is not submitted with a minimum of seven business days before the scheduled discharge, the project management team will be responsible for containerizing the water on site until proper written authorization has been obtained.

To submit a discharge request, you must be a UT representative possessing a current UT EID.

Submit Discharge Request

For additional information regarding waste and storm sewer discharges contact the EHS Department directly by calling 512-471-3511.

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