Animal Make Safe Program

Occasionally wild animals get into buildings by mistake. The purpose of the Animal Make Safe program is to safely and humanely respond to certain live animal incidents in campus buildings by capture and removal or live trapping. Our staff is trained to respond to these incidents 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Please see Animal Problems - Who to call for more information.

This time of year bats are commonly seen around the Austin and the UT Campus. Sometimes bats find their way to places where they shouldn’t be, such as inside a building. If you come across a bat in a building, or one outside that needs help, please call Animal Make Safe. Remember, bats are wildlife and should never be touched!


For bat or other wildlife issues that need our attention, please call Animal Make Safe: 512-471-2287 during business hours (8am-5pm) or 512-471-2671 after hours.




Animal Make Safe

24-hour hotline: 512-471-BATS (2287)
Office: 512-471-3511

Other Contacts

City of Austin Animal Services
Phone: 512-978-0500
Note: Call 311 for after hours emergencies

City of Austin Health and Human Services Department
Phone: 512-972-5590

Facilities Service Center
Phone: 512-471-2020

Texas Department of State Health Services - Public Health Region 7 Zoonosis Control
Phone: 254-778-6744

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