Food Safety

The mission of the Food Safety program is to ensure that the food and drinking water provided on campus are safe for consumption. EHS staff is responsible for conducting food safety inspections of the permitted food vendors and kitchen facilities on campus, approving distribution of food on campus by staff, students, or vendors, and ensuring quality drinking water.

Temporary Food Event Form

Note: If your event is intended only for the members of your group/organization then a Food Distribution Form is not required.

Submit the Temporary Food Event Form to EHS 7 days prior to the event. A form is required anytime an event is planned where Potentially Hazardous Foods (PHF) are going to be distributed to the public. Authorization is required whether you prepare the food yourself or arrange for a caterer. PHF are foods that if handled or prepared improperly can cause a foodborne illness.

Some examples of PHF are:

  • cooked meats
  • hamburgers/hotdogs
  • breakfast tacos
  • fajitas
  • sausage wraps

DO NOT submit a form for food that is not PHF, such as:

  • fruits/vegetables (not cooked)
  • candy/snacks
  • soda/tea/juice
  • chips
  • baked goods (e.g., cake, cookies, brownies)/donuts


Important: Personnel handling PHF must follow these sanitation requirements.

Food Service Establishment Permitting (for permanent food services)

All food establishments that prepare and serve food at the University must be permitted through EHS and pay a permit fee. EHS inspects all Food Service Establishments at the University for compliance with the Texas Food Establishment Rules.

The permitting procedures are as follows:

  • For the authorization and permitting to operate a Food Service Establishment on campus, call EHS at 512-471-3511 and ask for Food Safety section.
  • EHS will inspect your Food Service Establishment.
  • When the requirements of the Rules are met, a permit will be issued.
  • Every Food Service Establishment permit expires at the end of the fiscal year.
  • A new permit will be created for all Food Service Establishments at the beginning of each fiscal year.
  • The permit must be posted in a prominent location within the establishment.
  • Food-Water-Sanitation Fee Memo / Schedule

Mobile Vending Requirements

All mobile vendors who sell food on campus must have a permit issued by UT Austin EHS to operate.

Food Service Establishment Inspections

Food Handler Online Training

Any food establishment worker at the University can take this training developed by the Division of Housing and Food Safety (DHFS). If you are not a DHFS employee, send the Confirmation Form to EHS after completing the training modules and the test.

  • DHFS Food Safety Training - log in to UTLearn and search for DHFS to find the food safety modules

Tailgating Food Safety Tips

See Have a Winning Tailgate! from The Partnership for Food Safety Education.

Concessions Food Safety Training

All people who volunteer to work in any of the university's food concession stands must take OH 210.

Hepatitis Information

  • Pro-Med — Latest information from a program of the International Society of Infectious Diseases which monitors emerging diseases.
  • CDC Hepatitis A Info - Information on Hepatitis A from the CDC, National Center for Infectious Diseases
  • Hepatitis A Poster (PDF)

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