Lab Clean-Outs

EHS will occasionally do a "lab clean-out", which is the removal of a large quantity of chemicals or biological materials from an area, if the supervisor of the area does not have the knowledge and/or staff to follow the regular procedure for waste disposal by filling out Request for Disposal Forms.


Submit a letter to the EHS Chemical and Laboratory Safety Division on departmental letterhead stating the approximate number and size of containers to be removed, the hazard classes of the chemicals (i.e. flammable, corrosive, etc.), the location of the area, and why an exception should be made to the regular procedures for waste removal.


The EHS Chemical Safety Specialist will contact the requester to schedule a time for the lab clean-out.

Time Line

The clean-out will generally be completed within two weeks to one month from the date of request.


A photo will be taken of the chemicals before the clean-out to record the quantity and size of containers removed. Another photo will be taken of the empty shelves.

Record Keeping

Some clean-outs will be packed for shipment on-site if many of the chemicals are very toxic or reactive. The record of items removed will then be the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest. Other clean-outs will be recorded by filling out Request for Disposal forms.


The appropriate EHS Chemical Safety Specialist will perform reconnaissance prior to the clean-out. For clean-outs that are packed on site, the EHS waste disposal contractor may be used to supply some or all of the labor. For clean-outs that are taken to the CTB, the labor will be primarily EHS Chemical Safety employees.

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