Drones, Quadcopters and other UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

If you desire to fly an Umanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) such as a drone (also known as a quadcopter) on University of Texas property or off-campus as part of a university-associated project, please complete the steps below:

  1. The University has an online database for submissions. You may attach additional information (maps, drawings, etc.) documents to the request.  Use the link to log in with your UT EID and password to submit a flight request.
  2. You must have a UT EID to submit a flight request. If you do not have a UT EID, click here to get one.
  3. Non-UT personnel, contractors and vendors are required to enter a drone agreement with the university and meet insurance requirements. For more information email uavflight@austin.utexas.edu.
  4. Filming and photography require approval through University Communications. Filming and Photography guidelines can be found here: https://ucomm.utexas.edu/resources/filming-guidelines.
  5. Read HOP 8-1070 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

If you have any questions related to UAV’s or a UAV flight request, please send an email to uavflight@austin.utexas.edu or you may call 512-471-8603.

NOTE: Please submit all requests through the ONLINE DATABASE. PDF forms are no longer being accepted.

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