The primary function of project planning is to ensure that facilities are designed and constructed to meet established safety and environmental regulations and best practices. EHS provides guidance and serves as the University authority on a broad array of health, safety, and environment related topics associated with renovation and construction projects.

For the strategic effort, the Planning Team assists the campus departments in developing a strategic plan which addresses programmatic needs coupled with the deferred maintenance needs of the campus. This approach seeks to enhance the communication with the project delivery section to maximize the benefit for all parties involved. This planning effort is expected to reduce costs and ensure the scope of the project includes all items at the start of the project.

While this approach takes more time up front, the positive outcomes certainly outweigh the time taken. For example, departments may make decisions on where to place an incoming researcher without including the knowledge of the facility experts. The planning effort brings facility expertise to aid in placing that researcher in the most beneficial location for both programmatic and facility conditions.  The planning effort may combine client projects in the same building to maximize monetary resources and reduce construction time compared to executing the projects separately. Ultimately, the increased focus on project planning will highlight key project issues and bring them forward for resolution before design is complete and construction begins and is an overall cost and time saver for projects.

EHS should be involved in the planning for demolition, renovation and construction related projects, special events, classroom and office redesign/renovations or other activities. It will ensure appropriate measures and precautions are in place for compliance with environmental health and occupational safety requirements. Additionally, bring EHS into the planning process early will help to ensure the project budget adequately reflects all aspects of the work, including possible health and safety required components/requirements and will avoid delays to the project timeline.

EHS planning areas of expertise: