HazCom Training, Site-Specific

All Supervisors Must Train Their Employees Regarding Hazardous Materials

The Texas Hazard Communication Act (THCA) applies to The University of Texas at Austin and all of its facilities. Included in the THCA are requirements regarding training employees in the chemical hazards of their workplace, commonly known as HazCom training. An employee is defined as one who may be or may have been exposed to hazardous chemicals in the person's workplace under normal operating conditions or foreseeable emergencies and includes a person working for this state, a person working for a political subdivision of this state, or a member of a volunteer emergency services organization.

Site-Specific Training

Supervisors from every work area at The University of Texas at Austin must provide site specific training for all employees within their area who work with or otherwise might be exposed to hazardous chemicals. New employees must be trained before being required to work with, or being exposed to, hazardous chemicals.

Employee Work Area Specific HazCom Training must include instruction in the following areas:

  • information on labeling and SDS;
  • the location of hazardous chemicals by work area and their associated health effects;
  • the proper use of personal protective equipment and first aid treatment in the event of overexposure; and
  • general instructions on handling, cleanup and disposal of hazardous chemicals.

Supervisors Must Maintain and Submit OH 102 Training Records to EHS

Each supervisor must document the site-specific training on a OH 102 Training Record form and submit it to Environmental Health and Safety. These records are required by University policy and State law.