Lab Evaluations and UT HERD

The EHS lab safety group conducts laboratory evaluations of research and teaching laboratories at UT Austin and satellite facilities. The purpose of the evaluation program is to ensure compliance with University policy and any applicable regulations. All labs are evaluated on a semi-annual, annual, or biennial basis depending on risk.

UT HERD (formerly EHS Assistant) is an electronic information management system used to streamline the laboratory safety process and provide better service to researchers and laboratory personnel. Current features include lab personnel registration, lab evaluations, and chemical inventory management.

Lab Definition

EHS defines a laboratory as: a room or space used for testing, analyzing, researching, teaching, storing, diagnosing, experimenting, or similar activities supporting the academic and/or research mission of the university.

Lab Evaluations

The Lab Evaluation Guide (PDF) outlines the items reviewed during general laboratory evaluations as well as some of the process followed by EHS staff.  

EHS also performs biosafety evaluations (PDF) of laboratory spaces.

Shared Labs Guidance 

Review Shared Labs Guidance for information on how to assign responsibility and manage shared lab spaces.

Self-Evaluation Program

Lab personnel are required to perform self-evaluations every Spring and Fall semester and submit them to EHS. Refer to the Self-Evaluation Program for more information.