Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Program (OHP)

 OHP provides many services for researchers and staff, including:

  • Health risk assessments for research animal work, lab safety programs, and higher risk work and activities. Health risk counseling for issues that may impact job functions.
  • Medical clearance and fit-testing for job required respiratory protection.
  • Job specific TB screening, drug testing, vaccinations and titers.
  • Treatment, management, and follow-up of work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Fitness for duty consultations.

The OHP provides services to employees working with research animals and other hazards in a research setting. This service is referred to as the OHP-Labs program and is offered at no cost to the employee.

OHP-Labs program enrollment is provided to researchers and personnel working with or exposed to:

  • biohazardous materials such as human bloodborne pathogens, cell lines or tissues
  • animals, animal cell lines, or tissues
  • hazardous materials such as chemical, physical or radiological agents that require medical attention and follow up


1-512-471-4OHP / 1-512-471-4647


Student Services Building (SSB)  Room 3.202