Laser Safety Training

Faculty, staff, students, and visitors must complete required training before entering a laser-controlled area where accessible laser radiation could be present. Specific guidance for health care personnel laser training can be found at Laser Medical Use and Clinical Resarch page.

EHS Courses and Enrollment

UT employees can request online courses through UTLearn.  As the employee training management system, UTLearn is accessible only by active UT Austin employees (faculty, staff, or student employee). Nonemployee students needing to take EHS courses may request access to UTLearn through self-registration. Self-registration is currently limited to only students required to complete EHS training. These students and/or supervisors who manage student safety training should contact to request the URL for the self-registration process.

Your Training History

You can verify what courses you have taken through UTLearn > Learning > View Your Transcript > Completed (under the “Active” pull-down menu).

Responsibilities of Supervisors

OH 304 Laser Safety - Supervisors are required to ensure all their personnel receive proper training and that all training is properly documented and that individuals working in their areas do not engage in activities for which they have not been trained.

Lasers can be hazardous if not used safely. Lasers are used at the University under a certificate of registration issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services. This course provides information on how to work safely with lasers.

This course is required for all users of Class IIIb (3b) and / or Class IV (4) lasers, including faculty, staff, and students. Employees who took an equivalent laser safety training course at another location should contact the Laser Safety Officer at (512) 471-3511 regarding site-specific retraining and requalification requirements.