Fire Prevention Services

The University of Texas at Austin Fire Prevention Services (FPS) office ensures a safe environment for faculty, staff, students and visitors by providing a comprehensive fire prevention program. Our fire safety professionals are charged with monitoring all university buildings for compliance with local and state requirements, and partner with our community stakeholders to perform the inspections and drills necessary for risk reduction and the potential negative repercussions of fire on campus.

FPS is a division of the Office of Campus Safety and is directed by Fire Marshal Waymon Jackson. Drawing on a community-oriented philosophy, our team develops partnerships with a variety of university organizations to support campus fire prevention efforts, and works diligently with fraternities and sororities to enhance these efforts in off-campus housing. Our partnerships extend to local resources such as the Austin Fire Department, to ensure building construction and renovation projects address the needs of area emergency responders, and aid in establishing pre-incident planning for campus facilities.

As part of our continual effort to improve campus safety and emergency preparedness, FPS serves as the university’s liaison with the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office and local emergency responders. Our organization confers with the state fire marshal to make sure that new construction projects comply with applicable codes, as well as to develop compliance solutions for existing structures. We dedicate ourselves to the campus community through a comprehensive program of inspection, prevention, plan review and public education efforts designed to minimize risk and maximize campus fire-life safety.

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