Refrigerators and Freezers

There are a variety of refrigerators and freezers used in laboratory settings. It is critical to understand the differences between them and how to select and use them correctly. Flammable solvents stored in a household refrigerator can result in a fire or explosion when flammable vapors are ignited by internal ignition sources within the refrigerator.

Refer to the Laboratory Refrigerator/Freezer Safety Procedures (PDF)

In addition to safety hazards, refrigerators and freezers use a tremendous amount of energy and can give off a lot of heat.

Refer to the Green Labs Program for tips on how to better manage your freezers.

Contact EHS for the Safe Laboratory Refrigerator/Freezer Guidelines magnets which are available in two different styles.

Freezer and Refrigerators Guideline Seal
Freezer and Refrigerators Guideline Polar Bear