Food Sanitation Requirements

Food and Equipment

  • All food must be obtained from an approved source.
  • Hazardous food must be maintained at proper temperature: 41° F or colder or 135° F or hotter at all times.
  • Facilities adequate to maintain food at a proper temperature at all times.
  • Thermometers available and used to monitor temperatures of hazardous foods.
  • Proper hand washing facilities available and used.
  • Equipment, utensils, and work surfaces cleaned and sanitized.
  • Proper ware washing facilities available and used.
  • Sanitizer test strips (chlorine) available and used.
  • Wiping cloths properly stored.
  • No cross contamination.
  • Food, ice, and utensils protected from contamination.
  • Floor and overhead covering adequate.
  • Adequate water supply, sewage disposal, trash disposal.
  • Gloves, hair restraints provided for food handlers.
  • Barbecue pits outside of buildings shall not be located within 10 feet of combustible walls or roofs or other combustible material.
  • Portable fire extinguishers shall be provided for barbecue pits.
  • Barbecue pits will not be placed near facility air intake vents.


  • Food handler representative shall have permit available for inspection at any time during the event.
  • No person shall work in a food service booth while infected with a communicable disease that can be transmitted by or while afflicted with a boil, an infected wound, or an acute respiratory infection.
  • No person suspected of being affected with a disease or condition shall be working in a food service booth.
  • The food handler representative or person in charge of the food service booth shall have the responsibility to remove a food handler if he/she has reason to suspect that he/she has contracted any such communicable disease or has become a carrier of such a disease.

Personal Hygiene

Food handlers shall wash their hands thoroughly with soap and warm water:

  • Before starting work
  • After visiting the toilet
  • After coughing or sneezing into the hands or handkerchief

Food Handlers Practices

  • Food handlers shall consume food in designated areas only.
  • Food handlers shall not use tobacco in any form while engaged in food preparation or service, nor while in areas where equipment and utensils are washed.
  • Food handlers shall never use a tasting spoon twice.
  • Food handlers shall carry and serve food in a sanitary manner.
    food handling diagram 1
  • Food handlers shall handle glasses, plates and chinaware in a sanitary manner.
    food handling diagram 2
  • Food handlers shall use sanitary plastic disposable gloves if food must be manipulated by hand.
  • Food handlers shall refrain from sneezing or coughing onto food.
  • Food handlers shall use only clean and sanitary equipment.
  • Food handlers shall use, whenever possible, separate cutting boards, blocks, tables, grinders, slicers, and other utensils for raw and cooked food. If the same equipment and utensils must be used, food handlers shall thoroughly clean and sanitize equipment used for raw food after each use.
  • Food handlers shall practice in a way to prevent cross contamination of bacteria during storage, preparation, display, and service of food.
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