Laboratory Safety

Lab Safety provides training and guidance on a number of laboratory topics including bloodborne pathogens, hazardous materials shipping, chemical safety, biological safety, select agents and toxins, and controlled substances. In addition to lab safety inspections, Lab Safety also investigates laboratory incidents including fire, spills, laboratory injuries, and any chemical, biological, or radiological exposure.

Green Laboratory Program

  • Green Labs Recycling Guidelines (PDF) - updated version coming soon!

Chemical Fume Hood

Refrigerators and Freezers

Contact EHS Labstaff for a Safe Laboratory Refrigerator / Freezer Guidelines magnet (available in two styles):

magnet 1 - polar bear
magnet 2 - seal

Name Tag for Compressed Gas Cylinders

EHS can provide a plastic sleeve that holds a Name Tag for compressed gases. Each user can complete and print their own tag by using this template.

Feel free to tag all your compressed gas cylinders, but at a minimum hazardous gases should have an attached tag. Download the tag template (PDF).

labeled / tagged gas cyclinder

Laboratory Documents

Lab Safety Posters

Lab Safety Information

Links for Lab Safety

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