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Permit Requirements for Biological Materials

Import, interstate movement, and export of infectious agents and/or biological materials that are suspected to contain hazardous agents are tightly regulated by Federal agencies and may require permits. These permits minimize the risk of inadvertent release and inappropriate use of these materials. Compliance with multiple regulatory agencies may be required in some cases, depending on the nature of the material.

If a permit is required, the recipient of the regulated material must obtain the permit prior to transport. If you are the shipper, a copy of the permit must be obtained from the recipient and included in the shipped package. It is important to remember that most permits are issued to the individual, and not to the institution; therefore the PI or the recipient is responsible for finding out about the permit requirements from the relevant agencies, applying for the permit, and obtaining it prior to transport. The permit application process may take several weeks and sufficient processing time must be allowed before the materials are needed.  Please contact EHS for any information or assistance that is needed

Failure to comply with regulations when transporting regulated biological materials may result in shipment delays or destruction at the port of entry, refusal of the shipment by carriers, and be subject to fines and/or criminal penalties by the federal agencies.