X-Ray Devices

All x-ray, or radiation-producing, devices must be registered with the Texas Department of State Health Services.  The Radiation Safety Office is responsible to register and ensure applicable regulations found in 25TAC289 are followed.  All x-ray devices that are purchased, transferred, or loaned to UT Austin must be inventoried and commissioned by the Radiation Safety Office.  Please contact the Radiation Safety Office as soon as possible for any addition, relocation, service, or disposal of X-ray devices so we can effectively coordinate the regulatory processes with you.

X-ray devices used in medical applications or clinical research in Dell Medical School and UT Health Austin have different requirements.  Please visit [link to Medical Use and Clinical Research Involving Radiation.docx] for more information.


Prior to the installation and usage of any x-ray device, the following items are required:

A permit number will be assigned to new x-ray Authorized Users (AUs) after the application has been approved by the Radiation Safety Office.  The AUs are responsible for the safe use of the x-ray device as well as any modifications or repairs made to the device. X-ray services can only be performed by groups holding a valid X-ray Services registration with the State of Texas.

Facility Shielding

X-ray devices may require facility shielding in order to minimize radiation exposure to workers in adjacent spaces and the general public.  A consultation with the Radiation Safety Office is required before:

  • Installation of open-beam medical or industrial radiographic devices
  • Renovation or modifications made to existing room shielding
  • Relocation of open-beam medical or industrial radiographic devices
  • Reposition of x-ray device within the shielded room

Removal from Service

The radiation-producing component (x-ray tube) and other parts of the device may contain hazardous materials, such as beryllium, lead and PCBs. Contact the Radiation Safety Office to start the decommissioning process. The following steps must be completed before moving the device to UT Surplus:

  • Review the X-ray tube specifications to determine if there are hazardous materials present
  • Remove the x-ray tube from device and cut the electric cords to render the device inoperable
  • Submit a pick-up request to radstaff@austin.utexas.edu for the x-ray tube and hazardous materials along with a completed Chemical Request for Disposal (PDF)
  • Remove or deface any radiation symbols from the x-ray tube and device
  • Contact the Radiation Safety Office before the relocation or disposal of any x-ray device or assistance for x-ray tube removal